I grew up in the Appalachian forests of West Virginia where trick riding, dancing, and tree climbing fostered an early love of instinctive movement. As I got older, these creative outlets were replaced by the study of contemporary dance, ballet, and physical theatre in the US, Switzerland, and the UK. I took up circus arts in 2009 in Edinburgh, Scotland, which led me to study at both the Rogelio Rivel Circus School and the New England Center for Circus Arts, where I specialised in dance trapeze and flexibility. In order to improve as both a circus performer and movement instructor after graduating from NECCA, I dove into pilates, functional training, weightlifting, and CrossFit - all of which provided new perspectives on how to optimise performance within my circus disciplines. I currently split my time between teaching trapeze and flexibility alongside performing throughout the UK and Europe. When I'm not teaching or performing I devote my time to exploring different ways of moving and spinning on dance trapeze, I'm fascinated by finding fluidity and instinctual movement in the air that translates into my performances and teaching.   


Flexibility Classes

I offer flexibility classes open to all levels. I dedicated to helping you develop a safe and effective practice in alignment with your individual goals. Whether that is to touch your toes, gain more range of motion in your shoulders or to have over splits and bendy backs! Using active flexibility drills, joint mobilisation techniques and prioritising correct alignment to achieve your goals. 



Trapeze Lessons

I offer private (1-4 people) lessons on static or dance trapeze from improver to advanced students. My focus is on technique, spinning, sequences, and movement quality development. 

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